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English Classes

Level 1
22 weeks

Classes are run at Solomon Group campuses in Manurewa. They run for 22 weeks, 25 hours per week, twice a year (in February and July during school terms). There are limited places, so be sure to sign up early. These classes include reading, writing & speaking.

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Whanau Ara Mua (WAM)

Level 2
35 weeks, school holiday off as well
All campuses

This is a year-long, full-time course, based at various primary schools, or Solomon Group campuses during school terms. It is free programme, 9am - 2:30pm for three days a week.

You’ll also get a Foundation Level Tertiary Qualification. This will help get you into work or more study towards a career like Early Childhood Education, Teaching and Teacher Aiding, Nursing, Midwifery, Business, Horticulture and more.

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Community Night Classes

Level 0 - 2
February - December

These courses run from March to September each year during school terms on Monday and Wednesday nights in Manurewa and Panmure. You will study social and workplace literacy in New Zealand, with a focus on: reading, writing, speaking, listening and learning new words.

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Roading & Earthworks (Infrastructure)

Level 2
9 weeks plus 3 weeks employment support
Wiri, Manurewa and Pukekohe

If you are serious about work, we are serious about getting you employed. We work closely with Southern Initiative to train and place our tauira into full time jobs in the traffic management, civil construction, road work and earth work industry.

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Warehouse and Yard Operations

Level 3
12 weeks
Wiri & Rotorua

If you are looking to get back to the workforce or take the next step in your career, this is a great opportunity to develop your skills - for FREE! This free programme will help you get the industry related certificates, licence support, qualification AND employment support to the booming warehousing industry.

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Contact Centre Operations

Level 3
12 weeks

If you are looking to get back to the workforce or change of career, this is a great opportunity to develop your skills – for FREE! This is an opportunity to gain necessary skills for a career in a contact centre, improve your communications and computer skills and our employment team will help place you into work after your training.

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Education success story

Meet Meet our Contact Centre graduate: Amanda

Amanda has been a stay-at-home mum for 16 years. During that time, she has applied for hundreds of jobs, without success. But now, thanks to Solomon Group’s 12-week Contact Centre Training course, she’s got a bright new career and a whole heap of confidence. Amanda is only the second person to get 100% for the Auckland Council Contact Centre IT test EVER!

What were you doing before coming to Solomon Group?
I left school at 15, got pregnant at 16, and have been a stay-at-home mum ever since. I apply for jobs all the time – things like reception and front-of-house – but usually I don’t even get a response from employers. It can be pretty disheartening. I must have applied for thousands of jobs over the years and I’ve done a few courses, but I still can’t get work because employers want people with experience. It gets boring staying at home all the time, plus as a single mum it’s a struggle financially. I do everything I can to save money – I’ve disconnected the landline, stopped my Chrisco hampers, and only buy the basics. My kids haven’t had new clothes for years.

Was the course worthwhile?
Absolutely. I loved it. My confidence was a zero when I started and now it’s an eight. It might even be heading towards a ten! I am a shy person, and when I started this course I wouldn’t say anything in class or put my hand up. But everyone here is so supportive and encouraging, so I began to gain confidence.  Everyone has noticed the change in me. Even people outside of school say I am more confident and happy. When people start noticing that, it makes me feel better about myself.

I’ve learnt so much about myself on this course – and I’ve realised that I can achieve so much more than I ever imagined.

Did you spend the entire 12 weeks in the classroom?
No, we got out and about a lot as well, with site visits to Qantas, 2degrees and IRD, where we were buddied up with their CSRs and got to listen in on phone calls and look at their different systems. We also made lots of trips to the Auckland Council, including for our assessments, interviews, role plays and IT navigation tests.

How did you get on with those?
I didn’t realise I’d done that well, but it turned out I was only the second person ever in council history to get 100 % in the IT navigation test! I also got the highest score for my roleplay. That really boosted my confidence and reminded me I must stop second guessing myself and putting myself down.

Tell us about your new job.
I’m a CSR for Auckland Council based in Manukau. They start us off in waste management, and then once we are confident there, they move us into other areas. There are so many opportunities here. You can branch out into lots of different departments. My goal is to learn everything first and then work my way up to team leader. Eventually I’d like to join the quality assurance team.

How much does it mean to you to finally have a job?
It means a lot. I really want to be a good role model for my kids. When other kids ask them what their mum does, I don’t want them to have to say, “my mum doesn’t do anything”.  They were so pleased when I told them about the job and my mum cried. She phoned up everyone she knew, she was so proud!

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Meet our Management team

Lynette Large Image 1

Lynette Donohoe

Chief Executive
Lynette Donohoe originally started with Solomon Group when it was established in 1999. She returned to the organisation as a Strategic Partnership Manager and is now our Chief Executive. With over 20 years’ experience working for the public sector (with a senior management background in employment and tertiary education), Lynette is recognised for her pragmatic approach to innovation which has led to the successful implementation of a number of projects and initiatives. This includes the recent success of establishing ARA, Airport Jobs and Skills Hub.
Sid T

Sid Tuaoi

Employment Manager
Sid has been with Solomon Group since 2008 initially co-managing the highly successful Youth Transition Service. In 2011 he started to manage Solomon Group’s Employment Services Team supporting beneficiaries into sustainable employment outcomes. Sid has strong employer and training provider networks. Diploma in Sport, Diploma in Youth Work, Certificate in Adult Teaching

Ruanna Tagaloasa-Letalu

Director of Industry Partnerships & New Revenue
Ruanna joined us in 2018 to support the development of partnerships with our communities and employers to better support our people in accessing employment opportunities through up skilling or training. Ru's philosophy is that there is ‘no wrong door’ for people in believing in their potential for a better future. Ruanna is hugely respected by government agencies, employers, schools and communities and is a huge asset to the Solomon Group Whanau. Ru had been working for the Ministry of Social development for a number of years, and has held a number of positions, ranging from Service Centre Manager, Contracts Manager and Labour Market Advisor; in the last two years as Operations Manager for Ara Auckland Airport’s Jobs and Skills Hub.
Maree K

Maree Kilkolly

Northland Regional Manager
Maree has been with Solomon Group since 2012. Maree has worked in Education for 15 years including mainstream, Alternative Education, and Adult Education. Maree’s position prior to Solomon Group was as a Manager at a local Training Provider. Maree is responsible for Solomon Group’s Whanau Ara Mua – (Families Moving Forward), Intensive Literacy & Numeracy, National Certificate of Computing and NZ Certificate in English Language programmes. Dip Adult Edu, Cert Adult Edu, NCALE (Educator and Voc)
John Connell

John Connell

Senior Manager Youth Initiatives
John Connell joined us in late 2018 as our Senior Manager – Youth Initiatives and one of the members of our Executive team. He will support the teams that work with youth through our NEET, YP/YPP and SAS team as they awhi and support our most vulnerable clientele. John is highly respected in the community having led education and employment programmes in the youth space in South Auckland, most recently in SENZ. He also has a background in engineering and ran his own business.
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Learning for the Future

At Solomon Group, we’re experts in all kinds of learning, particularly for people who need to upskill, come off a benefit, or have a dream career in mind. We’re NZQA accredited, and we give you a wrap-around service with training and support for your future.

If you’d like to get a job, but you don’t know where to start, we have some options for you.