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WAM At The Library

24 August 2017 / Education & Training

A recent visit to the local library by our Whanau Ara Mua (WAM) class based in Manukau gave that class the opportunity to discover how reading a book can completely open your world.

The librarian demonstrated a wide range of useful things regarding the library. Some of these included how to join the library, all the different media you can loan (e.g. audio books, DVD, puzzles etc.), orientation of the library, and fiction vs non-fiction. 

Learning to find your way around a library has its challenges. Although a librarian will always be willing to help, our WAM students left the library with the knowledge of how to navigate the tricks of the system by themselves. Our WAM class focuses on moving families forward, so this library visit is particularly significant to our WAM students as they will be able to use what they have learned to benefit their families. 

This trip has given our WAM students the tools they need to take their learning into their own hands. 

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