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Tania and Hiks Employment Success

15 September 2017 / Education & Training / Events & Activities

Our kids will at long last have a great Christmas now.”

After being unemployed for several years, Tania and Hiki have changed not only their lives, but their families too when the couple decided to join the Infrastructure and Trades program at Solomon Group.

Tania successfully completed the course and secured a job within a month, which is a complete turnaround from the life of unemployment two years prior. She is currently working full time as a Traffic controller for Fulton Hogan who are also providing her training to help her qualify for her Class 2 Truck license.  This will open new opportunities for supervisory roles such as her leading her own road crew.  

Tania reflects on how far she and her partner Hiki have come in just four short months. “This job is awesome. I have a great boss, and I’m learning heaps. I really feel like I have more than just a job – I now have a pathway – a career, good friends, pride, and the means to plan well into the future. I’m so happy and so grateful to Solomon Group. Our kids will at long last have a great Christmas now. Before we joined Solomon Group [we were not in] a good place on so many levels… [we] would never have thought that this current scenario was even possible”. 

Hiki (Hiks) has had a similar journey of five years of unemployment, but with the right motivation from his current employer Vukich & Borich Ltd, they offered him a role with their company on the condition he showed commitment and passed the course at Solomon Group.  

Not only did he pass, but was successful enough to secure a Three-year apprenticeship with a Level 3 in Civil Engineering. He is now earning above the minimum wage, but as soon as his apprenticeship is completed, he will have the potential to earn more with an immediate pay rise.

Vukich & Borich Ltd were so pleased with his attitude to learning and good work ethic, that they have asked the Solomon Group to recommend more people just like him to their company.

Hiks has expressed his thanks to Solomon Group Trades for what they have done for him and his partner Tania. His involvement with the programme and guidance received from the staff have helped him build a solid foundation.