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Youth Services Budgeting Courses

7 January 2017 / Youth Services

Youth Services has a busy time assisting Youth Payment clients through their required budgeting courses with ANZ's MoneyMinded course as well as 2 personal financial management unit standards that get added to our clients' Record of Acheivement.  

As much as possible, we also try to split YP and YPP clients so the content can be targeted to each group's differing priorities - as brilliantly suggested by previous participants. 

One of the unit standards relates back to setting goals relating to an individual's personal finances.  When asked to evaluate the unit standard one client had this to say about what is the most positive aspect of this unit standard:

"Writing down the pros and cons so I can be prepared for what is going to happen if I work towards this goal.  Now I can look forward to all the positive outcomes."

Solomon Group is committed to completing budgeting - and parenting - requirements for our YP/YPP clients as soon as possible to help our clients to get really good skills to help them achieve their goals and positive outcomes in their lives.