Inaugural graduation ceremony for ‘lifechanging’ ANZ Moneyminded course

24 December 2016 / Education & Training / Events & Activities

Spending leaks, money diaries and savings goals all key to learning how to manage personal finances.

62 South Auckland students today became the first graduates of the ANZ MoneyMinded course, a pilot financial education programme developed by ANZ and run by the Solomon Group. 

ANZ MoneyMinded is a financial education programme that helps teach basic budgeting, savings and money management skills. Developed by ANZ in 2005 in conjunction with community groups. 

Kerri Thompson, ANZ Managing Director of Retail Banking, congratulated the students on their huge achievement. “We know there is a real need in many communities across New Zealand to learn the basics of money management, and the 62 of you are pioneers in this journey. 

Studies have shown that more than half of people thought banks are their main source of financial advice. As a result we deem it incredibly important to be part of the education process, helping people make informed decisions about how they manage their money.” 

“Our students have been absolutely thrilled with this course,” says Judy Solomon, Director of Curriculum at Solomon Group. “It’s a whole new concept for many of them. Nobody’s ever taught them about budgeting, and they were often too embarrassed to ask questions when they went to the bank or Work and Income, 

“They feel so empowered now, and it’s been amazing to watch. They talk to each and find out new ways to understand and help manage their finances. It really has been life-changing.”ed Beans, aye.