Eugene Jon Scharneck

Level 4 Welding Tutor/Workshop Foreman

I work closely with students to build their welding skills and knowledge, and alongside staff and senior management to help drive the quality and development of our programmes.  I empower tutors to boost their teaching capabilities and provide management with practical advice in regard to workshop maintenance, development and productivity. Ensuring the smooth running of our workshop is another of my top priorities!

In a role such as mine, it’s vital to stay ahead and remain relevant in the industry, so I also contract myself out doing welding for engineering companies all over Auckland. With more than 27 years in the welding field, I have plenty of experience. Five of those years were spent in the petrochemical industry, six in heavy duty welding and the rest in structural steel welding.

It’s incredibly rewarding to be able to share my expertise with our students and support them to excel and advance their welding skills and knowledge. Nothing beats the constant positive feedback I get from our graduates once they are out in the workforce.

Certificate in ASME Nine Pipe Welding, Certificate in Welding All Processes (MMAW,GMAW,FCAW, GTAW), trained and trade-tested welder, trained welding inspector/supervisor, Certificate in Welding Supervision (AS 2214: 2004 certification welding supervisors – structural steel)