Youth Beneficiaries

Youth Payments

Young Parent Payment and Youth Payment

If you’re between 16 and 17 youth or 16 to 19 years old parents and require a Work and Income benefit, then this part of our youth service is for you. We help you into training or education, so you can build an independent future for yourself and your whānau or family.

How to apply

To enrol in our service, you must apply to Work and Income for a Youth Payment (YP) or a Young Parent Payment (YPP) benefit. Click here to view more information on their website.

Your application will be sent to the Youth Service Support Unit for approval, and from there you will be referred to a youth service provider like Solomon Group.

If your benefit is approved you’ll get a youth coach who will keep supporting you, including helping you to meet your benefit obligations.

How we help young parents

If you have kids, you have extra demands on your time and energy. You may need help meeting those demands as well as all the usual stresses of work, study and making ends meet.

We can help you:

  • Identify your goals

  • Get into education or training that fits with your family

  • Manage your money and learn how to budget

  • Find somewhere affordable and safe to live

  • Get your child into a preschool while you train

  • Enrol your child at a medical centre or with a doctor

  • Find a Well Child provider like Plunket

  • Learn basic parenting and childcare through the Parenting Toolbox

  • Link to other services you or your family may need